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This is an episode guide for Digimon Frontier. Meilin8 and Ally West were kind enough to write the first 36 summaries and Madison wrote the rest. Thanks, guys! ^^ Without further ado, here's the Digimon Frontier episode guide.

1. "All Aboard!"
A fifth grader named Takuya, receives a mysterious e-mail on his cell phone that contains directions. Feeling curious, Takuya follows the directions. He boards a subway, which somehow takes him straight to the Digital World! Takuya realizes that this was no ordinary train, but a vehicle digimon! During the ride, Takuya meets up with the other digidestined. The train takes them to a village in the Digital World that is under attack from Ceruberumon. Takuya urges two digimon they met, Bokomon and Neemon, to fight and not run, but they were too scared to listen. Miraculously, Takuya's cell phone becomes a d-tector, and a spirit appeared to him. He uses it to spirit evolve to Agunimon, the legendary fire digimon! Agunimon uses his Pyro Tornado attack to defeat Ceruberumon and save the village.

2. "Lobomon of Light"
Bokomon and Neemon decide to travel with the new digidestined, and Bokomon explains a few things about the Digital World. The digidestined learn that the Digital World is under the control of Cherubimon. Cherubimon convinced many Digimon to turn evil, and they began to riot against the forces of good. Takuya also learns that he is just one of a group sent to protect the Digital World, just like ten warriors who defeated Lucemon in ancient times. It is those warrior's spirits that he used to spirit evolve. JP and Tommy try to bribe some Pagumon into taking them home with chocolate, but they attack them and force them into an underground labyrinth, where a quarreling Takuya and Zoe are too. The Pagumon digivolve into Raremon, and not even Agunimon can stop him! Another boy uses kendo to save the group, but Raremon attacks him. He falls in a pit and receives the Human Spirit of Light and becomes Lobomon! Lobomon defeats Raremon, and when he devolves, introduces himself as Koji. He refuses the stay with the other digidestined, and leaves.

3. "Kumamon Baby, Light My Fire"
A voice is heard from the d-tectors and commands "go to the forest terminal". The digidestined do not know if this is a trap, or if it is a place where they can rest. But curiosity sets in and they go. They soon discover ruins that tell the story of the ten ancient warriors! Candlemon invite the digidestined to stay with them, but it was a trick! When Agunimon fights them, he is defeated. Tommy's desire to help allows him to find the Human Spirit of Ice, and he spirit evolves to Kumamon. He is able to help Agunimon defeat the newly digivolved Wizardmon, and pass the Candlemon's test!

4. "Kazemon Kicks It"
The group comes to a fork in the road. To the right is the horizon and a desert. To the left, is a wooded forest. The group began to discuss which path to take. Eventually, Takuya and Tommy head to the left and JP and Zoe head right. Zoe and JP come to a station named Breezy Village. The Floramon explain to them how the Mushroommon are preventing them from fixing up their village. Zoe confronts them. She finds the Human Spirit of Wind and spirit evolves into Kazemon, but is defeated when the Mushroommon digivolve to Woodmon. Koji comes to their rescue, and as Lobomon, defeats Woodmon. Zoe tries to thank him, but he walks away again.

5. "Ladies and Gentlemen: The Beetlemon"
The digidestined find a wind factory, and a Minomon agrees to take them on a tour. They notice that the Kokuwamon are being overworked, and hatch a plan to rescue them. As the others spirit evolve and go off to free the Kokuwamon, JP feels useless. He decides to head on in to the factory anyway. When the boss, a Snimon, begins to attack Agunimon, Kumamon and Fairymon, JP's courage allows him to find the Human Spirit of Thunder! He spirit evolves into Beetlemon, and defeats Snimon, setting the Kokuwamon free! But who is this new evil digimon out to get the digidestined?

6. "Molehill Out of a Mountain"
Takuya and others are told to help the Karatsukinumemon. A digimon called Grumblemon appears in the Karatsukinumemon village, and kidnaps all the women. When Koji got to the Numemon village, he also is asked to help them. Grumblemon appears in the village again. The Numemon kidnap the digidestined, because they think that since they are legendary warriors, they are in league with Grumblemon. Grumblemon, and Evil Hybrid, says they are not with him and attacks them. Takuya and the others spirit evolve and start to fight Grumblemon. When it looks like Grumblemon is defeated, he slide evolves to his beast form! Gigasmon is so powerful, will the digidestined survive?

7. "Island of Misfit Boys"
After their desperate fight with Gigasmon, the digidestined barely escape. Unfortunately, they are separated. JP, Zoe, Bokomon, Neemon end up together, and so do Takuya, Koji and Tommy. While Takuya and his group are wondering where their comrades are, they walk right into Toy Town. Only Takuya and Koji see this town as a problem. Tommy runs off playing. Suddenly, Tommy is kidnapped by Warumonzeamon! Koji and Takuya are unexpectedly helped by Pandamon, and are shown where Tommy is held captive. Upon their arrival, they are attacked by a group of evil Shadowtoyagumon! They defeat them and rescue Tommy, who is just playing video games with his captor!

8. "The Odd One Out"
JP and Zoe suddenly come upon a school of in-training digimon. It seemed as if all the digimon were living in harmony, except for Tsunomon, who refused to be friends with anyone. Tsunomon is not playing with anyone this concerns the teacher, Togemon. Suddenly, the school is attacked by a horrible flood. JP and Zoe spirit evolve, but aren't enough to stop the flood and protect the school and the digimon! Kapurimon is in danger in the water. Tsunomon comes to the rescue and digivolves into Gabumon! The digimon make JP and Zoe a boat, and they meet up with Takuya, Koji, and Tommy!

9. "Welcome to My Nightmare"
All five digidestined are together again. They enter a forest. As they explore it, they discover that in the bark of a tree, they could see their world in a TV-like shape. They didn't know a Bakumon was watching, and he puts a spell on Tommy. That night as they rest, Tommy spirit evolves into Kumamon, and starts to attack the digidestined! Once they find out that this is Bakumon's doing, they attack him. They save him from Cherubimon's control, and Kumamon returns to normal.

10. "Can't Keep a Grumblemon Down"
The digidestined are walking towards the Forest Terminal. After attacking a group of Gotsumon, Grumblemon attacks them. The digidestined spirit evolve, but they can't stand up to Gigasmon, who steals Zoe's spirit. A Gotsumon who had been searching for a beast spirit, fights Gigasmon, and tells Koji where to find the spirit. Moved by the Gotsumon's will to help him, and the madness Gigasmon put him into, Koji finda the Beast Spirit of Light, and spirit evolves into Kendogarurumon! Koji can't control this spirit, and ends up pushing Gigasmon off a cliff.

11. "Hunka Hunka Burning Greymon"
Grumblemon begins to recall his fight with Kendogarurumon. He doesn't feel it fair that he lost since Koji couldn't even control the spirit! Meanwhile, Bokomon takes the digidestined to have they fortune told by Sharmanmon. When Gigasmon finds them, he steals Tommy's spirit. Sharmanmon finds the Beast Spirit of Fire and uses it, but he can't tell the difference between Gigasmon and the digidestined! Agunimon takes the spirit, but now he begins to attack his friends! Can the digidestined stop the rampaging Burninggreymon?

12. "Loathing in Los Arboles"
Takuya can't control the Beast Spirit of Fire. Burninggreymon flys into the air, and starts to attack the other children. Without the protection of his spirit, Tommy runs to Burninggreymon to try to talk to him. Feeling the hurt and sympathy of Tommy, Burninggreymon returns to his normal state. Grumblemon appears and attackes, but only Takuya could spirit evolve. He learned to control his beast spirit! He is able to defeat Gigasmon and regain Tommy's spirit, but Grumblemon still has Zoe's! When Grumblemon returns to his hideout, we are introduced to Ranamon, Mercuremon, Arbormon, and catch a glimpse of Duskmon. Will the Digidestined be able to take on all these evil hybrids?

13. "Better an Egg than an Eggshell"
The digidestined arrive at the Forest Terminal in the woods that they had been searching for. Seraphimon, one of the three great angels (just like Cherubimon), is sleeping in his palace. When the light of digidestined's d-tectors, Seraphimon awoke! Seraphimon tells them the history of the Digital World, about the legendary warriors, Lucemon, and other occurrences. Then the evil hybrids attack Seraphimon's palace! Seraphimon protects the digidestined, but Mercuremon reflects his attack back at him and takes his fractal code. Zoe grabs his digiegg, and the digidestined escape in the nick of time!

14. "No Whamon"
A Trailmon drops the digidestined off in an underground cavern, and they meet a Whamon who is trapped down there. While trying to figure out a way to get them out, Arbormon and Grumblemon, who had followed them, attack! Arbormon slide evolves into Petaldramon and the digidestined are no match for him. Even weakened, JP refuses to give up. Whamon discovers that he swallowed the Beast Spirit of Thunder, and gives it to JP. He spirit evolves to Metalkabuterimon and defeats Grumblemon once and for all, and gets Zoe her spirit back. To thank them, Whamon offers to give him a ride, since the ocean is now restored.

15. "Beastie Girl"
Ranamon sends all of her fan club members to search for her beast spirit, since she is the only evil hybrid without one. Whamon drops the digidestined off on the same island four Toucanmon in Ranamon's fan club have a beach house. This excites the digidestined, because they think they have free time to do other things, like swim and even change clothes. While the digidestined are swimming, the Toucanmon steal everyone's d-tectors for Ranamon except for Zoe's. Ranamon attacks and Zoe fights back. Howeverm Ranamon finds her beast spirit! Calmaramon is too much for Kazemon to handle, until her titanic twister attack sends her flying away!

16. "Swiss Family Digimon"
The Toucanmon are shocked by Calmaramon's appearance, and drop out of the fan club. They fly away with the boy's d-tectors. The digidestined go searching for the Toucanmon in order to recover the d-tectors. They try to reach an island they had been spotted on, but a group of Gomamon stop them and warn them of the whirlpools surrounding the island. The digidestined and Gomamon make a boat to get them to the island, but Ranamon attacks again, with Zoe still being the only one who can spirit evolve. Ranamon knocks Kazemon into a whirlpool, and when she devolves, finds her beast spirit on the ocean floor. It had been causing the whirlpools! Zoe spirit evolves into Zephyrmon, and is able to hold Calmaramon off until she lost control of her spirit, and they reached the island.

17. "Bizzare Bazaar"
The Toucanmon fly off again to the Autumn Leaf Fair, and trade the d-tectors to Datamon for a video camera. The digidestined follow them to the fair, and split up to search for the digivices. Tomoki discovered the digivices, but Nanomon doesn't believe they were his, and refuses to give it back. Nanomon says he received the digivices from the Toucanmon. He gets a call from Arbormon, who say he'll be there in an hour for the d-tectors. Datamon tells Tommy he had an hour to change his mind, so Tommy rushes off searching for the Toucanmon. Tommy finds them, saves them from some ice, and gets a tape of him doing so to show to Datamon. When he returns, he discovers Petaldramon attacking the fair! Datamon sees the tape, and returns the d-tectors. Furthermore, he inserts the Beast Spirit of Ice into Tommy's d-tector! Tommy spirit evolves into Korikkakumon and chases Petaldramon away!

18. "The Great Trailmon Race"
Following Ophanimon's advice, the digidestined head towards Rose Morning Star with the Trailmon passes Zoe won in an eating contest. Upon arriving, they realize it is the day of the annual Trailmon race. Each of the five children pick a Trailmon to race on. Little did they know, Shadowweregarurumon and his Dogmon companion are the current champions, and don't intend to lose. Shadowweregarurumon cheats, causing all the kids to spirit evolve, and drop out of the race, except for Takuya. In a tunnel, Takuya spirit evolves to Burninggreymon to set shadowweregarurumon straight, and ends up winning the race, and a trip to the Burgermon Village!

19. "You Want Fries With That?"
The night before the digidestined reach the Bugermon Village, a Burgermon was kidnapped by Petaldramon and the Chamelemon. Petaldramon is forcing him to make tasty burgers for himself! The digidestined offer to make better burgers to set the Burgermon free. When Tommy, JP, and Zoe step outside, the Chamelemon kidnaps them and take them back to Petaldramon's hideout! They finds the missing Bugermon, and defeat the Chamelemon. Then Petaldramon comes searching for his burger, and the digidestined spirit evolve to their beast forms to hold him at bay until the Burgermon made him the perfect burger! Petaldramon falls asleep, and the digidestined escape.

20. "From Dawn to Duskmon"
The evil hybrids meet with Cherubimon, but Duskmon misses the meeting. Mercuremon confronts him, but Duskmon doesn't care. The digidestined hop aboard a Trailmon but end up in the Continent of Darkness. Bokomon is concerned because his book records no information of this continent. Bokomon insists on going around it and claims that all of the enemies the digidestined have defeated aren't as strong as the enemies within the continent. They ignore him, and go on ahead. While they are there, they are confronted once again by Petaldramon, but are able to defeat him once and for all, until the final evil hybrid appears...

21. "Darkest Before Duskmon"
Duskmon is sickened by Arbormon's lack of power and, even though they were partners, kills him. Lobomon realizes the power of Duskmon and urges everyone to retreat, but the rest of the group doesn't agree until they realize how strong Duskmon is. He can easily hold his own against the beast hybrids and Lobomon! Growing inpatient, Lobomon tells them that they must go. Takuya drafts a new attack plan, but Koji tells him it won't work. Meanwhile, Duskmon finds them, and they are forced to put Takuya's plan into action. Duskmon is winning, but when he causes Kendogarurumon to revert back to Koji, a memory strikes, and darkness fills the area. Takuya wakes up and finds that he is in the Dark Terminal and the Darktrailmon offers to take him back to the real world, which Takuya accepts. Can Zephyrmon, Metalbabuterimon, and Korikkakumon defeat Duskmon? And is Takuya really just going to leave them all?

22. "Home Again' Takuya Returns"
When Takuya arrives in his world, he becomes Flamon. He leaves the train station, and realizes it's the same day that he left for the Digital World. He thinks that if he stops himself from going, he'll become himself again, and never have to worry about Duskmon. But Duskmon keeps appearing around his hometown! He escapes Duskmon, and finds his house. He sees himself inside, right before he received Ophanimon's call. He tries to stop himself, but Duskmon throws him off. He also notices a boy that looks like Koji on the way to the station. He gets to the elevator, where he can stop himself, but decides not to. He has finally accepts his destiny in the Digital World, and the Darktrailmon takes him back to the Digital World. But is it too late for his friends?

23. "Sockit Takuya"
Ranamon and Mercuremon kidnap JP, Zoe, and Tommy, and have three Datamon attempt to get their spirits. Koji, still wounded, helplessly watches his friends get tortured. Agunimon searches for them, and finds Bokomon and Neemon. He discovers a new power and realizes that he can call upon the powers of nature. A Sepikmon guides them with his spirit boomerang, and they hurry off to rescue the others. Koji can't take it, and spirit evolves to Lobomon, but Ranamon slide evolves to Calmaramon! When all seems hopeless, Agunimon shows up! With the power of thunder, wind, and snow helping him, he frees the other digidestined. They all spirit evolve, and force Ranamon and Mercuremon to retreat! But what is Mercuremon's new plan?

24. "Alone but Never Alone"
JP volunteers to lead the digidestined, but the others don't make very nice comments about it. Then the digidestined are sucked into a large, spherical digimon! A hand reaches out of the wall, and pushes JP into a sphere. A Volcamon attacks JP, but after spirit evolving, Beeltemon defeats him. His shadow tries to convince him that his friends pushed him in, and that they don't care about him. This makes JP remember how he tried to make friends at school by impressing them with magic tricks, but to no avail. His shadow turns into a dark version of Beetlemon, and forms an arena, with thousands of digidestined to make fun of JP! Whatever Beetlemon does, his shadow can match it, even slide evolving to Metalkabuterimon! The real digidestined show up, and encourage Metalkabuterimon to destroy his evil clone! Just as the group is happily reunited, the hands show up again, and separates them! Will they be able to find each other? And where are they anyway?

25. "The Dark Heart of Friendship"
Tommy recalls his brother, Yutaka, calling him a brat. Outside, Bokomon realizes that the digidestined are inside the legendary warrior Sakkakumon! A fire-type digimon chases Tommy, but a cloaked digimon rescues him, and introduces himself as Asuramon. Meanwhile, Lobomon is plagued by Karatenmon, who tells him that he forces himself to be lonely. Asuramon and Tommy become friends, but Tommy has another flashblack, where he told his brother that he was the favorite. Asuramon reveals himself as the digimon that chased Tommy before, and demands his spirit! Tommy spirit evolves, but Asuramon is too powerful! Lobomon slide evolves, and is able to defeat Karatenmon, and is taken out of the area. When it seems hopeless, Kumamon realizes that his brother was right. He needed to be more appreciative, and friendship isn't about what you get. He slide evolves to Korikkakumon, defeats Asuramon, and is transported outside!

26. "Zoe's Unbeelievable Adventure"
When Mercuremon tells Ranamon that Zephyrmon is prettier than her, she sends some members of her fan club, the Honeybeemon to trap Zoe. Zoe has a flashback to when she helped a girl on a field trip, and the girl invited her to join her for dinner. The Honeybeemon get stuck in the traps, and Zoe rescues them three times. Takuya battles a Parrotmon in another sphere, and easily defeats him. Ranamon is angered when the Honeybeemon turn to Zoe's side, but she has one of them give Zoe a poison apple, which makes her remember the rest of her previous flashblack, in which the other girls turned their backs on her. In yet another sphere, JP defeats a Cherrymon, and is taken outside. Zoe snaps out of it, and spirit evolves to fight Ranamon. Even when they both slide evolve to their beast forms, Zephyrmon is losing. With the Honeybeemon to back her up, and the realization that to make a friend, you have to be nice too, she defeats Ranamon once and for all!

27. "Stuck in Sakkakumon With You"
When Zoe, Tommy, and JP see Duskmon entering Sakkakumon, they are powerless to stop him, even when spirit evolved. They find out how to communicate through the d-tectors, and are able to warn Takuya about Duskmon. Duskmon finds Koji, and goes through his memories to find out why he seems so familiar. He sees Koji buying some flowers for his stepmom, but rushing out because of Ophanimon's call. Takuya enters another zone, and defeats an Iceleomon. Koji spirit evolves to Lobomon, and then Kendogarurumon, but is still no match for Duskmon. Outside, Seraphimon's egg appears to be hatching, but instead gives some of its power to Koji! He combines his spirits, and fusion evolves to Beowolfmon! Koji sees that there's a human boy inside Duskmon! The two digimon clash, but the power they unleash sends them both outside! Can Beowolfmon find Duskmon before Duskmon finds him? And can Takuya escape Sakkakumon?

28. "Darkness Before the Dawn"
Agunimon is the only one still inside Sakkakumon! He enters a sphere filled with mirrors, where Mercuremon has an advantage. Then Mercuremon leads him into the final sphere, where he uses Seraphimon's digicode to become Shadowseraphimon! When even Burninggreymon is unsuccessful, Zoe, JP, and Tommy try to get inside again. Their determination releases more power from Seraphimon's digiegg, allowing Takuya to fusion evolve to Aldamon! Aldamon easily finishes off Shadowseraphimon, and the digicode is returned to its rightful owner. Mercuremon retreats to the final sphere, but Aldamon defeats him, dimming the final sphere. As Takuya is transported outside, the egg hatches into a Patamon wearing Bokomon's belt! But where are Duskmon and Bewolfmon? And there's still Sakkakumon to contend with!

29. "Phantasmagoric Sakkakumon"
Everything seems to be getting better as Sakkakumon floats away, but he comes back. While the digidestined were inside him, he copied all of their attacks. As Takuya fusion evolves, JP asks Patamon for some of his power, but it was all used up, so he and the others spirit evolve. When they attack, Sakkakumon just reflects their attacks them back at them. Even slide evolving doesn't work. They attack at once, but are too weak to continue, and return to their human spirit forms. They try to retreat, but Sakkakumon realigns himself and chases them down a pit, and into a cave. Sakkakumon uses darkness to scare the digidestined. They attack each other out of fear, and quarrel. Aldamon convinces the others to trust the digimon inside of them, and with that, they combine their attacks, and defeat Sakkakumon! But where has Duskmon disappeared to?

30. "O, Brother, Who Art Thou?"
Beowolfmon finally finds Duskmon, and they engage in an intense battle. Whenever Beowolfmon seems to be winning, Cherubimon urges Duskmon on, thus giving him the edge. Meanwhile, Cherubimon traps the other digidestined. They try to force their way out by spirit evolving, but Patamon finds a way out by digging. Cherubimon then makes Duskmon remember that he bonded with the Spirit of Darkness because he felt lonely. He then releases the Beast Spirit of Darkness, and Duskmon slide evolves to Velgemon! When the overwhelming power of Velgemon's attack forces Beowolfmon to devolve, Ophanimon contacts Koji's d-tector. She causes him to remember the rest of his memories. He was a boy named Kouichi, whose grandmother told him to find his brother Koji with her dying words. That's why he was following Koji at the train station. But even that won't stop Velgemon! Can he be defeated? Or is the power of darkness too strong?

31. Workin' on the Train Gang"
When the digidestined are finally reunited, Koji and Takuya go off to find Duskmon. JP convinces the others to go with him to ask digimon about the Rose Morning Star, since he feels they need to do something helpful. They end up in a Trailmon graveyard, and are scared by Angler, who seemed to be left to die. They repair him and clean him up, so he'll tell them about the Rose Morning Star. Unfortunately, he won't help them. He was just making them fix him up. After a sob story, the digidestined help him again. Then Angler appears to be dying. When he splits apart, a new Angler is revealed. He and the digidestined head towards the Rose Morning Star. On the way, he tells them that the evil hybrids forced him to take Ophanimon there too! Will the digidestined be able to rescue her? And have Takuya and Koji found Velgemon?

32. "My Brother in Spirit"
Koji tries to figure out the connection between him and Duskmon as the others head towards the Rose Morning Star. Cherubimon forces Kouichi to remember more sad memories so the darkness in his heart would be stronger. Velgemon attacks Koji, who evolves to Beowolfmon. He slide evolves back to Duskmon, and tells Koji that they are twin brothers. He's still too powerful, and Takuya saves him at the last second. Koji refuses to fight his brother, but Takuya convinces him the only way to save his brother is to defeat him. They both fusion spirit evolve, and separate the spirits from Kouichi! Will the brothers be able to reconcile?

33. "Ne'er the Twins Shall Meet"
Takuya remembers Kouichi following Koji at the train station, and Kouichi says it's because he was tracking his brother. He also told his brother about their mother. As all of the digidestined ride on Angler, they help the brothers cheer up. Angler derails, because Cherubimon is on the tracks. When none of the digidestined can even leave a scratch, Kouichi realizes the true power of darkness, and wants to use it to save his brother. Koji's d-tector purifies the spirits, allowing Kouichi to spirit evolve to Loewmon and Jaegerloewmon! He deletes Cherubimon, but JP notices it was just a projection! Where is the real Cherubimon?

34. "Operation: Free Orphanimon"
The digidestined have finally reached the Rose Morning Star! Unfortunately, Cherubimon is there too! The digidestined spirit evolve when two Phantomon attack. Loewmon saves them when they're captured. As they enter the castle, they are attacked by dark digimon. Another digimon, Oryxmon, saves them and leads them to Ophanimon. Cherubimon has her trapped in a cage of light! She recounts the past of the Digital World, and explained how Cherubimon was possessed by darkness and revolted. He had actually used Ophanimon as a trap to lure the digidestined to him! Will Cherubimon be able to take the spirits?

35. "Takuya and Koji's Evolution Revolution"
To demonstrate his power, Cherubimon defeats Onyxmon. The cage's light prevents the digidestined from attacking, so Takuya and Koji take it outside. Meanwhile, the others begin to free Ophanimon. Cherubimon is too powerful, and takes all of the d-tectors except Zoe's. Ophanimon jumps in front of Zephyrmon, and attacks Cherubimon. Even her attacks are useless. She manages to return the d-tectors, and with the last of her strength, evolves Takuya and Koji's d-tectors! The digidestined gather the spirits into Takuya and Koji's d-tectors, unlocking unified spirit evolution!

36. "Ice Ice Baby"
The strength of Emporergreymon and Magnagarurumon cause Cherubimon to retreat. When all seems safe, the digidestined accidentally free Icedevimon, who's got a hankering for human data. He had been imprisoned for going on a rampage across the Digital World, and is ready to start again. He freezes Takuya and Koji's d-tectors, so the others spirit evolve. He promptly freezes Beetlemon and Kazemon, and traps Takuya and Koji. Kouichi and Tommy slide evolve, and Kouichi's determination frees JP and Zoe. They slide evolve, and defeat Icedevimon! But Cherubimon's power is growing. Can he be stopped?

37. "Cherubimania"
Takuya and Koji get support from the others before facing off against Cherubimon for the last time. But Cherubimon compresses the data has collected into a little glowing orb and shoves it into his forehead, making him the most powerful digimon ever! As Emperorgreymon and Magnagarurumon fight, all hope seems lost. But Magnagarurumon takes the lead to give Emperorgreymon a chance to get close enough to take out Cherubimon with his sword. After Magnagarurumon falls, it is up to Emperorgreymon to take out Cherubimon. With his sword thrust into Cherubimon's head, all the data collected is released and Emperorgreymon scans Cherubimon. However, the data doesn't return to normal. It goes to someone in a big red bubble deep into the Digital World. Who has the data? And who could these mysterious new villains be?

38. "It Can't Be! Lucemon Reappears! "
Just as the digidestined begin to think their troubles are over, they notice that nothing has changed with Cherubimon's defeat. Then they meets Barrowmon and he tells them of his prediction that Lucemon will soon return to rule the Digital World. Then his two royal knights, Crusadermon and Dynasmo,n show up. Emperorgreymon and Magnagarurumon fight their hardest and Barrowmon tries to shield the other kids, but in the end, the Barrowmon ends up failing and then the Royal Knights final attack sends the gang flying. What will happen to our heroes?

39. "The Man in the Moon Is You"
After the battle with the royal knights ,our heroes end up on the moon. Kouichi, Bokomon, Neemon and Patamon are the only onse awake. With some help from some local Starmon, the others are soon all better and its time to find a way off the moon and back to the Digital World. They try many different things and eventually used an old test rocket that the Burgermon built. They create a slingshot and launch into space. They land on some Trailmon tracks, and with the help of a passing Trailmon, got a push back to the Digital World.

40. "The Bully Pulpit"
The kids return to the Digital World only to run into the idiot Sagittarimon. Before anything happens, four kids show up with Angemon. It turns out though that two of the kids were bullies that picked on Tommy and were the same ones that pushed him on to the train that lead to the Digital World. Later it's learned that the new kids don't have or know what d-tectors are. The digidestined tell the kids they should go home because its too dangerous, but the kids insist they're staying. Then Sagittarimon returns with an army of Centaurimon. Tommy saves one of the bullies and proves he's not the same person he was before. The new kids decide that its time to go home. But then the royal knights show up and kidnap them, and Tommy goes too. The others are left in a cloud of flowers. What else could go wrong?

41. "Jerks and the Beanstalk"
The digidestined was able to get a Trailmon to take them to Beanstalk Village, the same location the Royal Knights to Tommy and the others. The royal knights are looking of the key to the Mamemon village. Takuya and Koji unity evolve and start to fight while the others start to load the Mamemon on to the Trailmon. Then Crusadermon grabbed Kouichi and with the help of some Mamemon. Magnagarurumon freed Kouichi. When the knights throw our heroes down, elder Mamemon tells them where the key is and the village is scanned. Luckily, everybody got out of town just in time, and Katsuharu and his friends left for home. But it doesn't look like the end of the royal knights yet!

42. "Glean Eggs and Scram"
The digidestined find themselves at the Village of Beginnings. There, they meet Swanmon taking care of all the baby digimon. The digidestined helps her to care for them and soon learn that the Trailmon are supposed to take the babies to their families but are too scared to leave their tunnels. While their gone, the royal knights attack. When the others return and learn this, Takuya and Koji unity evolve to protect the village. Meanwhile, the others return to the Trailmon and finally convince them to take the digieggs and baby digimon away from the village. Magnagarurumon and Emperorgreymon do their best to defend themselves and protect the village but refuse to fight back. The others are rushing to collect all the digieggs and load them into the Trailmon. Then five of the eggs suddenly start to glow and it's soon realized that they are the digieggs of the other legendary warriors. They realize that they will be able to beat the knights as ten legendary warriors. With the help of the other legendary warriors, they beat the royal knights. In the end, the village is scanned. Happily though, all he baby digimon and digieggs are saved.

43. "Bad to the Bones"
Another of Lucemon's goons attacks the Village of Flame, hometown to Bokomon and Neemon. He brought in help from an identical brother and soon the digidestined are face-to-face with a trio of baddies. In the end, Emperorgreymon and Magnagarurumon took out the baddies, but then Crusadermon swept in and took out what was left of the town.

44. "Now You See It, Now You Don't"
There are only four areas of the Digital World left unscanned. The digidestined arrive on the scene in time to help out Gotsumon to defend his home, but the royal knights took it in the end. Seraphimon's castle was next and Gotsumon wanted to help. So while he and Koji took on the Knightmon, the others went in search of the key to the castle. Gotsumon evolves into Meteormon and it looks like things are picking up. The others find Sorcermon and realize he's the key. Dynasmon's breath breaks through the barrier shield around Seraphimon's castle and it ends up being scanned it too. With only two areas left is there still hope to save the Digital World?

45. "All Aboard The Tag Team Express"
The gang is desperate to save what was left of the Digital World. They have to choose between Ophanimon's castle and the Autumn Leaf Fair. They chose the fair. Some of the strongest digimon around went to confront the knights, but were no match for them. The others help the only way they could. They set up a snow catapult, and when they got the chance, hit Crusadermon with a snowball. One attack goes wrong and Crusadermon accidentally released an attack sending it straight towards the digidestined. Koji went to protect them, but everyone got hit hard enough to knock the fractical code out of them. Well, all except Kouichi. Kouichi remembers this happening before and can't remember why. Crusadermon tells him it was because only those with a physical form had fractal codes and that he didn't have one because he was only a spirit. The digidestined fight bravely, but the fair is scanned. They head towards Ophanimon's castle.

46. "To Make The World Go Away"
Once inside Ophanimon's castle, they meet Nefertimon. Even she doesn't know where the key is. They then split up into groups of two. Each group reports back nothing. Everyone agrees that they can't give up. They're all happy and cheering, all except Kouichi. Bokomon asks if he's still worrying about Crusadermon told him. He makes Bokomon promise not to tell the others. The next morning, the royal knights show up. The digidestined think that the key is safe since no one knows where it is, but the knights already know where the key is. Nefertimon is the key! She begs Emperorgreymon and Magnagarurumon to destroy her, so they would protect the castle forever. But they can't bring themselves to do it. This is their last chance to keep Lucemon from being revived. Just as our heroes are winning, Lucemon makes the royal knights even stronger. The knights take Nefertimon and scan the castle. The digidestined meet a child and know he's the all-powerful evil Lucemon! He tells them that he is the supreme ruler, and that they have the choice of obeying him or being killed. He says he wants to create a new world out of his own image. Then he blasts the digidestined and sends them flying. Angler catches them. Lucemon doesn't like like this chain of events, but ignores it, since the digidestined are out of his way. Angler takes them to the moon. Without them, the world really will be gone forever. Takuya tells him they will find a way to save it for everyone.

47. "When Knights Fall..."
Once on the moon, everyone receives a surprise baby digimon. Patamon gets a surprise too, when two of the digieggs skip their baby forms and evolve straight into rookie. Salamon and Lopmon are born. Bokomon tells them that the three are together again. Patamon is Seraphimon, Salamon is Ophanimon and Lopmon is Cherubimon. They played together like old times. Then the royal knights appear. However, this time Emperorgreymon and Magnagarurumon knock them out for good! Lucemon scans the royal knights data and evolves into his chaos mode. He slams the digidestined back into their human forms. The force of the fighting shakes the moon apart.

48. "The Brothers Yin and Yang"
Lucemon destroys the moon. The digidestined are stuck on a floating rock, vulnerable to passing magma attacks. Bokomon comments that the he probably knew that Kouichi was talking about what Crusadermon had told him. When Neemon mentions he wasn't supposed to tell them, Takuya and the others force Bokomon to tell Kouichi's secret. Just as Koji is about to get Kouichi to tell him what is wrong, everyone gets distracted when they see Lucemon open up a window to the real world. The digidestined sprit evolved to stop him, but Lucemon reveals that he has the power to combine light and darkness. He throws Lowemon up and knocks the others down and back to their human forms. As he preparsto attack them, Lowemon jumps in the way and takes the brunt of the full attack. Kouichi returns to his true Digital World form of a spirit. He says goodbye to Koji and gives him his Spirit of Darkness. Lucemon scans him. Koji falls into a depression, but Takuya is so angry, he practically on fire. It seems Koji is having trouble holding both light and dark, and thinks only of Kouichi. Takuya's raging fire engulfs both light and darkness. They shoot out of Koji. The others spirits jump to them and Takuya and Koji united the all the ancient spirits to become Susanoomon.

49. "Lucemon On The Loose"
All the spirits combine Takuya and Koji become Susanoomon. They fight hard, which makes Lucemon increasingly angry. Lucemon takes them down and hits them with the same light and darkness attack that took out Lowemon. Koji remembers the promise he made to Kouichi. He remembers how happy Kouichi told him he was to meet him and that he had no regrets. Koji says he doesn't have any either. Takuya remembers Kouichi telling them that they would still be in the Digital World if they could do something. Then he remembered Lowemon's last words. Both Takuya and Koji realize they had to find a way. They separate their spirits from the ten ancient spirits, and in Kouichi's memory, take out Lucemon in chaos mode! They scan him and he turns into two eggs: a light and dark egg. The light sends showers of white light and everyone was happy thinking the battle is over. But the dark egg contains so much evil that it grows larger. Lucemon transforms in to a giant dragon. As he heads for earth, they all evolve and try to prevent him from reaching the real world. They each think of protecting their family, friends and promises they must keep. But when they catch up with dragon Lucemon, he attacks them. Can they defeat Lucemon, save the real world and restore the Digital World?

50. "End of the Line"
Lucemon breaks through to the real world. His blast sends the digidestined to the ruins of the same train station they left from. Takuya wants to spirit evolve and go back after him but Koji tells him not to. Their best attacks didn’t even put a dent in him. Everyone, even Takuya, is starting to give up. Agunimon appears behind Takuya and askes if he was a quitter. Everyone, with the help of their spirits, regains their confidence. They form a circle and call out their spirits. They unify their spirits together and form Susanoomon. They barely mange to keep dragon Lucemon at bay. They eventually end up back in the Digital World. It's soon discovered that the dragon is merely a cover. Lucemon's conscious is the shrimp-like creature that the dragon carries in a giant black sphere. After a long hard battle, they take out dragon Lucemon. Shrimp Lucemon charges them. Each of the ten spirits took a sword and they sliced and diced shrimp Lucemon, taking him out once and for all. Then the data from their d-tectors starts to make the Digital World better than ever. The portal Lucemon opened starts to close. The kids are tossed into the portal and know they won't get back if it closes. Bokomon notices that they never got to say goodbye. He wants to go with them, but Neemon refuses to let go of his waistband, while Patamon, Lopmon and Salamon try to hang on to him. He lsoes his grip, sending Bokomon rolling forward. He cries, telling them not to worry, and that he'd write everything down making sure everyone knew the story of the humans who saved the Digital World. They were happy about that and going home. Lowemon calls Koji and told him that Kouichi was still alive and to hurry and go to him! Once the elevator stops in a puff of smoke, they get out and realize that it is the same time and day that they left for the Digital World. Takuya remembers seeing Kouichi head for the stairs and told everyone to follow him there. Once there though they see they're too late, Kouichi is gone. He's at the hospital and not responding to the treatment. Koji and the others bust in and Koji runs to his brothers side yelling for him to wake up. Koji pleads with him to come back and their d-tectors start to glow. When Koji's final plea sends a tear onto Kouichi's forehead, his eyes return to normal. He weakly called out to Koji and holds up his hand, which Koji take in his own. Their d-tectors give off a final burst of energy and the room fills with balls of white light. Their d-tectors change back to cell phones. They run closer to Kouichi's bed, who is being tightly hugged by his brother. Takuya is actually happy to see his family. Then Zoe and JP recount how they now have the ability to make and keep friends. Koji won't be alone and angry anymore. Now that he has Kouichi, his friends and his family. Kouichi now has a family after introducing Koji to his mom. Tommy is no longer the crybaby and plays with his former bullies. But they know no matter what happens, they will be best friends forever!

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