Statue of Liberty from Costume Quest

Character Name: Statue of Liberty
Series: Costume Quest
Specifics: Wren dressed as the Statue of Liberty
Cost: $35
Time: ~25 hours
Started: mid-2011
Completed: May 2013
Debuted: Anime North 2013



Thank you to Elemental for the photos!

Costume Information

I was introduced to the game Costume Quest when my friends Becky and Rin started playing it early in 2011. The game revolves around children in Halloween costumes battling monsters to rescue the main character's twin. During fight scenes, the children transform into whatever they happen to be dressed as. For example, if you happen to be wearing a robot costume, you turn into a Gundam-like robot during the fight scenes.

During battle scenes, behind the Statue of Liberty appear American flag motifs, pictures of Abraham Lincoln's face and eagles. I took an immediately liking to the Statue of Liberty costume because I found it to be simultaneously ridiculous, adorable and hilarious. (Also, I happen to like what the Statue of Liberty represents in real life, which has nothing to do with this game... or this costume, really.) When the three of us began toying with the idea of making a Costume Quest cosplay group, I claimed the Statue of Liberty and that's how this costume came to be.

I originally expected this costume to be something I made in an afternoon, but it ended up being a project I working on on-and-off over the period of two years and into which I put a lot more time and energy than I originally planned.

In the game, the costume is made of three things: cardboard, a feather duster, and a sheet. I tried to make it seem like the costume was actually made of these items.

After I patterned my crown, I made it out of bristle board, which I carefully painted with spray and acrylic paints.

The torch was made out of a cardboard paper towel roll, more bristle board and a plastic cup which I then paper-mached and painted. Instead of a using a feather duster for the flame, I bought red, orange and yellow feathers, cut them to appropriate lengths and glued them to the end of my torch. I love the effect of the feathers and I am quite proud of how much I managed to make the flame look like the in-game art.

The green "sheet" is actually a rectangle of green fabric I gathered, hemmed and stitched together so that it fell on me the way I wanted it to.

The white shirt was store-bought, but I had to take it in as it was originally quite large on me. The jeans were a pair I owned, the shoes were a pair of black Converse sneakers I happened to buy for Rin's wedding, and the wig was from a previous costume. The orange pumpkin was borrowed from Becky.

While this costume is easily recognisable as being the Statue of Liberty, very few people recognise that it's from Costume Quest. Regardless, this is a comfy and fun costume to wear.

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