Random Anbu from Naruto

Character Name: Random Anbu
Series: Naruto
Specifics: random background Anbu ninja we made up
Cost: $75-100
Time: ~45 hours
Started: June 2005
Completed: June 2005
Debuted: Naruto Photoshoot @ High Park - Summer 2005



Thanks to Sakura and ChibiK3r0 for the photos!

Costume Information

Blue Rose, Sakura, Becky and I wanted to do Anbu Team 7 for CN Anime, and to get ourselves ready for it, made random Anbu costumes during the summer.

Sakura, Becky and I made our costumes together. We used white stretch twill, foam and lots of hot glue.

The armor on the arms is made from carefully covered foam with cardboard as extra support. We used velcro to attach it via bands of white fabric.

Sakura picked us up long black gloves that we altered until they fit snuggly. All of us chopped the sleeves off of black turtlenecks to make the base shirts, and for my pants, I hemmed up a pair of black pants to looks like Naruto's.

The scarves are simply pieces of patterned fabric sewed in a loop. Sakura wanted blue scarves and I wanted red one's, so we compromised. As for the bandages, they're strips of white fabric treated with a glue to keep them from fraying.

I made my shoes by making a pair of covers for some black sandals I own. I used some more foam to give it a little more shape above the ankle.

For the Naurto photoshoot, I borrowed a short white wig off of Becky, and Sakura and Becky borrowed wigs off of me. Becky bought a parasol the morning of the photoshoot, and since we didn't have any actual Naruto weapons, we used first season Power Rangers weapons.

Besides being paranoid about getting the white of the costume dirty, wearing these costumes was a ton of fun. X3

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