Anbu Naruto from Naruto

Character Name: Anbu Naruto
Series: Naruto
Specifics: original design based on the Anbu outfits and Naruto's general design
Cost: $175
Time: ~65 hours
Started: June 2005
Completed: August 2005
Debuted: CN Anime 2005




Thanks to Bonnie, Amanda, and random people at the con for the photos!

Costume Information

A group of us wanted to do Anbu Team 7 cosplay for CN Anime. We based them off of the Anbu costumes we made previously. This costume wasn't too difficult since all we had to do was turn our Random Anbu costumes into our Naruto characters.

Our little Anbu group was: Blue Rose as Kakashi, Sakura as Sakura, Becky as Sasuke, Amanda as Iruka and yours truly as Naruto.

The wig was tricky. It's really hard to find a decent Naruto wig, and I debated on what shade of blond to go with for a long time. I eventually settled for a bright and cartoony yellow. I trimmed the wig down a bit from its original length. The wig is perfect for Naruto, but it doesn't look half as good without the headband. Sakura bought herself, Becky and I metal headbands. After that, the wig looked great.

The pouch on the back wasn't too hard to make. I made a pattern and we all ended up hand-sewing the pouches together. The pouches open and close with a snap and are surprisingly practical. We covered a button with fabric to make the detail on them.

The hardest task was the masks. Blue Rose made her Kakashi mask first and we followed her prototype. After moulding the masksout of plasticine on a wig head, the masks were made out of plaster and paper clay. I sanded the paper clay to get a smooth surface.

Then came time to paint the masks. My mask was based off a nine-tails fox, so I tried to reflect that. I had some trouble with my own mask, but thankfully, Blue Rose came to the rescue and fixed up my mask. I worked on Becky's and Sakura's masks instead, and I love the designs I came up with for theirs.

My mask is rather lightweight, and I attach it to my costume with nice red cording with tassels on the end. I think the masks are my favourite part of these costumes.

I made my orange Naruto scarf out of a strip of hemmed orange fabric. It wasn't the fabric I originally wanted to use, but it was what I had to work with at the time. I wrote "Naruto" on the scarf with fabric paint, because I think that Naruto is the kind of character who would write his name on his belongings. LOL. Blue Rose ordered us kunai off the internet to use as weapons, and then our costumes were complete.

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