Doll from Artwork

Character Name: "Doll2"
Series: Original art by Nonhuman
Specifics: --
Cost: $25
Time: 7 days
Started: October 2009
Completed: October 2009
Debuted: Youmacom 2009



Thanks to Solartempest and Sakura for the photos!

Costume Information

I was on DeviantArt and stumbled upon a creepy piece of art entitled "Doll2" by the artist Nonhuman. I thought it was cool and decided it would make a neat Halloween costume. And so this costume was born!

I made patterned the main body of this costume by combining a shirt and pants pattern and then altering it via trial and error until I got it to look the way I wanted it to. I took some creative liberties. I also added a zipper down the back.

I used brown embroidery thread to add stitches along the seams. These stitches took as long to sew as the rest of the costume took to make.

Finally, I made a "hood", complete with more embroidery stitching and a button eye. This hood fits over my own head, but since it lacks visibility and breathability, I only wear it for photo shoots.

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