Flamedramon from Digimon Adventure 02

Character Name: Flamedramon
Series: Digimon Adventure 02
Specifics: original gijinka/human form version
Cost: $100
Time: ~35 hours
Started: April 2005
Completed: May 2005
Debuted: Anime North 2005



Thanks to Stillvisions, BRP and Amelia for the photos!

Costume Information

For Anime North 2005, a group of us choose to do humanized versions of monster/animal characters. I originally chose Palmon, then switched to Agumon, and eventually settled on Flamedramon, because he is one of my favourite digimon and because he looks really cool.

I used a lot of fanart for inspiration in this costume, but most of the inspiration came from Flamedramon's actual design. I tried to turn his armor into comfy clothing.

His top armor has a V-shape around the color. I made this the collar of my shirt version of it. After I made the shirt, I hand sewed carefully cut pieces of yellow polar fleece to the front and the back. On the back of the shirt is the crest of courage. It took my three hours to hand-sew. It's my favourite part of the entire costume.

I made surfer shorts out of a pant pattern, and then added loops for a belt. The belt was made out of some black fabric and a belt buckle. The flame pattern was the most time-consuming part of this costume. It took quite awhile to pattern, cut out and sew on, but it turned out nicely.

The armbands were made like the pants. The collar was made out of a strip of red fabric. For the shoes, I glued little crests of courage to a pair of black shoes.

Flamedramon has a series of black belts on each arm. I made these out of strips of fabric and belt buckles to get the desired look.

The wig is a spiky blue mullet I pulled into a ponytail at the back. At first I wanted to trim the wig, but since my friends seemed to like the long look, I left it as it was. The wig has two light blue ears sewed into it.

This costume is extremely comfortable to wear and easy to dance in. Plus, it was cool to dress up as a flaming digimon.

At Anime North, a lot of people came up to me, saying they recognized the costume, but didn't know where it was from. When I told them I was dressed as Flamedramon, many people seemed really happy with the costume. There are a ton of Digimon fans out there.

Also, Amanda dressed up as Gatomon, Becky as Biyomon, Mage as Gomamon and Bianco as Weregarurumon so we had a little Digimon group. :)

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