Gengar from Pokémon

Character Name: Gengar
Series: Pokémon
Specifics: based off gijinka fanart
Cost: $100
Time: 25 hours
Started: April 2008
Completed: May 2008
Debuted: Anime North 2008


The fanart is from this website. :3


Thanks to Dan, chibik3r0, Heroes in Tights, em_kay11, P-chan and Solartempest for the photos!

Costume Information

A set of awesome Pokémon gijinka fanart was making the rounds in the cosplay community, and pretty soon a giant cosplay group for Anime North was planned. One of my favourite pokémon is Haunter, but since Haunter lacks a body, I went with the next best pokémon: Gengar! :D I loooooooove Gengar, and I've only grown more fond of the pokémon since I decided on this costume. Quirky ghost pokémon, FTW! X3

Since the costume was based on fanart, I took some creative liberties. I went with a color closer to the color of Gengar in the anime, and I made the points on the costume uniform in size and shape.

I made this costume out of a purple flannel. I patterned the dress by altering a pattern I made previously for Naruto's jacket. The collar is interfaced so it stands up, and the dress has a zipper down the back so I can get it on and off easily.

I made the giant sleeves by playing with a general sleeve pattern. I gave Gengar three "fingers". There's a hole in the bottom of the sleeves so I can use my hands while I'm wearing the costume. Whoo practicality!

To give the dress its "poof", I made a crinoline dress to wear under the costume. I used some cheap broadcloth to make the base dress, and then sewed layers of hard crinoline to it. When I wear the under dress under Gengar's main purple dress, it makes the costume all poofy. :3

I made shoe covers out of cardboard, tape and elastic. Then patterned out Gengar's pointy toes. I made them out of interfaced flanel, which I hand-sewed to my shoe covers. They shoe covers hold their shape on their own and fit perfectly over my running shoes.

The wig is a Punky XL wig. When I got it, it was a little wavy, so I straightened it with hot water. I trimmed the bangs so they wouldn't fall into my eyes. Then I made Gengar's "ears" by adding two spikes of hair.

This may not be the most attractive or complicated costume I've ever made, but I absolutely adore it! It's a blast to wear and I have an excuse to make quirky facial expressions. And if someone asks me what I'm cosplaying, I get to shout "Gengar! Gengar! Gengar!" at them! X3


Some "upgrades" to my Gengar costume. XD

Gengar with bonus lights!

Gengar in wedding attire!
Sakura and I were amused when we found out that the pokémon we both cosplayed happened to be dating on some twitter RP accounts, so we decided to get married at a local con and call this "Operation Igloo". Credit to Solartempest and Stillvisions for the photos! (And a big thank you to Stillvisions for letting me borrow his vest!)

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