Harry Potter Trio from Harry Potter

Character Name: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley
Series: Harry Potter
Specifics: inspired by both the books and the movies
Cost: ~$130 per costume
Time: ~2 months
Started: September 2010
Completed: November 2010
Debuted: Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows: Part 1 premiere



Thank you to Mike Kowalek for the photos!

Costume Information

In August 2010, I found myself being drawn into the Harry Potter fandom again. I was a huge Harry Potter fan back in 2003, and it was back then that I made my first Hermione costume. It was one of the first costumes I ever made and it wasn't very well constructed. Making the robes from scratch a second time has not only been a fun experiment in patterning, but a way for me to come to recognize how much my sewing has improved over the years.

Anyway, I found myself wanting to make Harry Potter robes for myself and my friends Becky and Sakura. I envisioned myself as Hermione, Sakura as Harry and Becky as Ron, but I figured we'd mix and match the costumes.

I did not make the robes movie accurate. They were inspired by the films, but they were also inspired by fanart, fandom, and the way I visualized the characters when I read the books.

I patterned the robes from scratch. I went for a rich, bright red to line the robes and I lined them all the way through. I used cloth-covered black buttons and elastics for the front closures. I bought the Gryffindor patches, like, four years ago from my friend Celes and hand-sewed them to the front of the robes. The robes weren't particularly hard to make, but they were time-consuming.

I ordered three youth-size ties at Whimsic Alley. We went with the youth-sized ones because, all three of us being about five feet in height, regular-sized ties look huge on us. We also bought three matching white dress shirts. We wore our own pants/skirts and shoes.

The Hermione wig was a wig I bought with Hermione in mind, the Harry wig was one I've had for years and the Ron wig was purchased by Becky online. Harry's glasses were bought at a costume shop and Harry's scar was drawn on with two different markers.

Being I wanted some sort of prop, I made us wands using sheets of paper, chopsticks, glue and paint.

For the record, I love cosplaying Hermione. She's such a wonderful, inspiring female character. I love her! I felt a little self-conscious cosplaying Hermione given that I look nothing like Emma Watson. I was worried people would compare me to how much I (don't) look like her, but then I got this wonderful comment: I love Emma Watson, but you definitely look more like how I picture Hermione when I read the books. That totally brought a smile to my face. :)

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