Husky from +Anima

Character Name: Husky
Series: +Anima
Specifics: random image from manga volume 4
Cost: $75
Time: ~45 hours
Started: June 2005
Completed: July 2005
Debuted: Toronto Cosplay Picnic 2005



Thanks to Elemental and whoever had my camera for the photos!

Costume Information

My friend Becky was asking me to cosplay +Anima with her for two years before I finally found a costume I was willing to make. It appears on a single page of volume four but I thought it looked pretty cool.

This costume was mostly made of twill and a vinyl with a scale pattern on it. The boots are both these things covering foam. The staff is just a staff with two lightbulbs stuck to the ends, paper mached and painted.

I wore this costume to the second annual Toronto Cosplay Picnic. Besides the lack of pants, it was actually quite comfortable and fun to wear. I had a lot of fun running around dressed like Husky, and a lot of little children stopped to talk to me. :) Amanda dressed up as Husky's mother, and since our costumes went together, we took some photos together. I also took many photos with Becky, who dressed up as Nana from the same series.

I also wore Husky on the Sunday of CN Anime 2005. Sakura wore Becky's Nana costume so I have a few photos with her.

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