Isabelle Lightwood from Shadowhunters

Character Name: Isabelle Lightwood
Series: Shadowhunters
Specifics: inspired by her looks in season two
Cost: ~$80
Time: 2 weeks
Started: August 2017
Completed: August 2017
Debuted: FanExpo 2017


Please see this tumblr and my runes guide for references.


Photo credits: Becky

Costume Information

As I was marathoning the first two seasons of the Shadowhunters TV series, I realized that I really wanted to cosplay Isabelle. I love her character, I enjoy most of her outfits, and I look an itsy-bitsy bit like her.

I decided against trying to cosplay her exactly like she is in the show, and instead of trying to accurately re-create her looks, I made up a look that I felt looked like something Izzy would wear. I did this because I wanted this to be a fun costume that was easy for me to make, rather than something stressful.

First off, her runes were a big part of this costume. I made a long guide detailing how I made her runes, which you can find here. This guide explains how I figured out what her runes were, made her runes, and applied her runes. The rest of the costume was relatively straight forward. The runes, hands down, took the most time and energy for this costume. (Which is also why my guide to them is so long.)

I bought the dress. I bought it for my own use, but I also knew as I was buying it that it would be perfect for Izzy. The dress was originally about four inches longer and I hemmed both the dress and its lining until the length flattered my (very short) height.

The boots were that rare type of magical footwear that somehow simultaneously had very high heels, looked super cool, didn't cause me pain, and were on sale when I bought them. (Score!)

For Izzy's silver snake bracelet, I found the exact bracelet they use in the show on AliExpress. Then, sadly, it didn't arrive in time for con I needed it for. Luckily, I found a silver snack bracelet at a local dollar store. It was a little too lose, so I spent an hour bending it into a tighter shape. The necklace was the generic Izzy necklace they sell on AliExpress and eBay. While it's not 100% accurate, it was easier, cheaper and nicer than what I could've made on my own, and I have no regrets about buying it.

I used my own hair for this costume and I wore red lipstick because I love red lipstick and am always looking for excuses to wear it.

Just like I had hoped, this was a really fun costume to wear! The handful of people who recognized me got really excited and I ended up meeting a lot of Shadowhunter fans because of it! :)

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