Jam Kuradoberi from Guilty Gear X-2

Character Name: Jam Kuradoberi
Series: Guilty Gear X-2
Specifics: main outfit
Cost: $60
Time: 30 hours
Started: July 2004
Completed: July 2004
Debuted: Northern Anime Fest 2004



Costume Information

I made this costume because a friend of mine asked me to be part of her Guilty Gear group. At the time, this costume was quite the challenge for me since I had never made anything like it before.

The "belts" on the sleeves were made out of over-sized bias tape and belt buckles. The skin-tight black sleeves under the over-sized sleeves were made out of the old sleeves off of one of Sakura's black turtlenecks. I altered them to fit and added gold piping along the edge for the detail.

The skirt is three pieces of fabric sewn together to get the proper shape. The opening at the front has velcro and snaps on it so I can take it on and off with ease.

This was my second time using bias tape, and it definitely turned out well. It made my edges extra crisp and clean. To make the circular detail on the costume, I made iron-on decals using heat-and-bond and some black fabric. It took my three tries to get it right, but I'm very happy with the final result.

The detailing on the skirt was made the same way so that the colours be constant throughout the entire costume. It didn't turn out as clean as I would have liked, but it's nice regardless.

When I first made the costume, I didn't know the gold-thing in her hair was a tea can, so I made it out of plastic liquid paraffin bottle that I covered with gold vinyl and added white piping to. Since I didn't want to use my real hair, I bought a long brown hair extension and made her loop of hair with it. I attached the loop to the gold hair accessory. Since I didn't want to ruin my base wig, I used velcro to attach the gold accessories and the loop of hair to the main wig.

I made boot covers and glued them to the boots.

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