Juubei Kakei from Get Backers

Character Name: Juubei Kakei
Series: Get Backers
Specifics: vol 30
Cost: $30
Time: ~10 hours
Started: July 2007
Completed: August 2007
Debuted: Toronto Cosplay Picnic 2007



Thanks to Elemental, pixel_monkie and shelleyannmc for the photos!

Costume Information

Another Juubei costume! Sakura wanted to cosplay Kadsuki and Juubei from volume 30 of the manga. There's not much to say, since this costume only appears for a handful of pages. Plus, it's really simple costume so it was made in a couple of days.

I made the grey part by altering my Maora jacket pattern, and then I made up a pattern for the "skirt". I sewed the pieces together, and the belt covers the seam nicely. The collar is pretty standard and has a lot of interfacing in it. I made my own black bias tape out of black twill. There's black velcro hidden under the bias tape so I can get in and out of the costume.

I made my own belt buckle out of sculpey and silver paint and attached it to the belt, which I made out of white twill, six grommets, and some velcro. I used a black t-shirt, pants and shoes I already owned for the black parts. I did make the gloves, but I didn't use a pattern, so they're not that great. I already owned the wig, and the bandages are from a Naruto costume.

The only glaring inaccuracy in this costume is that the boots are supposed to be white. Consider that this costume is pretty obscure and was made for fun, I don't really care if the boots are the wrong colour. =P

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