Kotaro from Papuwa

Character Name: Kotaro
Series: Papuwa
Specifics: main outfit
Cost: $60
Time: ~15 hours
Started: August 2006
Completed: August 2006
Debuted: CN Anime 2006



Thanks to Stillvisions and ChibiK3r0 for the photos!

Costume Information

I'm going to be honest. At the time I made this costume, I hadn't seen Papuwa. I was inspired to make this costume after seeing a little ad for the manga at a local anime store. I fell in love with Kotaro's outfit and so this costume was born.

This was a fairly straight-forward costume. I made the blue part by tracing the pattern I used for my Renamon costume and altering it a bit.

The red detailing on the blue was arguably the most difficult and time-consuming part. For one, it took me forever to find reference images for the back of his outfit. When I finally found them, I discovered that the red pattern on the front and back are exactly the same. I made the red design by tracing a pattern I made for it onto red polar fleece and hand-sewing it to the blue fabric.

The "attachments" for the straps were tricky, but fun. The belts and the attachments are made of left over fabric from my Naruto pouch. The belt buckle was made of model magic.

The shoes are just black shoes I added a yellow strip and buckle to. I made the buckle out of model magic. Since they're on the shoes and get beaten up a lot, I should've gone for a stronger material.

I bought the pants at a local thrift store. I cut off one of the pant legs and used the material from it to make the armbands and collar, so they all match.

As for the wig, I bought a light blond bob and hacked at it until it looked like his hair.

And that's about it. All and all, this is one of the most painless costumes I've ever made, and I love the way it came out~

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