Maora Ichinomiya from Shinshi Doumei Cross

Character Name: Maora Ichinomiya
Series: Shinshi Doumei Cross
Specifics: winter uniform
Cost: $100
Time: ~60 hours
Started: December 2006
Completed: May 2007
Debuted: Anime North 2007



Thanks to Stillvisions, Crimson and cinna_bun for the photos!

Costume Information

Some of my friends were planning a Shinshi group and lacked a Maora. After I read the manga, I was invited to join their group as Maora.

This costume was a challenge for me, who had never made anything like it before. It took me a very long time to make and was a product of months of trial and error.

We all wanted our costumes to match, which required a lot of coordination. My friend Sakura came up with a pattern for the puff sleeves, and Hikari Light and Seed-chan made everyone in our group bias tape. I patterned out the "arrows". The ties for everyone in our group were made by Seed-chan.

I made the socks out of some yellow spandex, and I borrowed the shoes from Sakura.

The wig didn't need much styling. I added two "pigtails" to the wig. I made bows out of ribbon and sewed lace to them before sewing them to the wig.

Overall, I like how our costumes came out. You can tell our efforts to coordinate paid off. I just wish I had lined my jacket.

For the record, this was our group:
Shizumasa - Kels
Haine - Sakura
Maguri - Seed
Ushio - Hikari Light
Maora - uh, me...
Touya - Becky
Strahl - Crimson

"Casual" Shoot

At MTAC 2008, we decided to wear "casual" (read: closet cosplay) versions of our Shinshi costumes.

Thanks to Solartempest for the photos!

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