Ryoma Echizen from The Prince of Tennis

Character Name: Ryoma Echizen
Series: The Prince of Tennis
Specifics: main uniform / "Prince of Tennis"
Cost: $10
Time: 3 days
Started: August 2004
Completed: August 2004
Debuted: Kariya Park Cosplay Photoshoot August 2004



Thanks to Kevin for most of the photos!

Costume Information

I guess this costume can be broken into two parts -- Ryoma's Seigaku uniform and the "prince" accessories. I already owned a Seigaku uniform which made this costume pretty simple to make, as I only had to add an "R" to a hat, paint a tennis racket, make an armband and wear a pair of black shorts.

The "prince" version was made as a joke. Ryoma is considered the "Prince of Tennis", so I decided to play around with that and make a crown and a cape to go with the costume. I got the crown at a costume shop for under $5. The cape was made out of two meters of red fabric and some white fur I picked up downtown.

All in all, this costume was ridiculously simple, but a lot of fun to wear.

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