Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon

Character Name: Sailor Mars (Rei Hino)
Series: Sailor Moon
Specifics: first season scout outfit
Cost: ~$200
Time: ~1 week (for my part)
Started: April 2012
Completed: May 2012
Debuted: Anime North 2012



Thanks to Icephoenix, Becky, Amanda, David, Robert Garant and GoddessDigi for the photos!

Costume Information

First off: I did not make this costume! It was made by Ammie who did a fantastic job on it. :D

Ammie and my good friend Becky have cosplayed Sailor Moon characters together in the past. As it happened, Ammie was interested in putting together an inner senshi group. She wanted to cosplay Sailor Jupiter. She recruited Becky as Sailor Mercury. Becky and Ammie recruited myself as Sailor Mars and our friend Sakura as Sailor Venus. Ammie then pulled in rankin24 as Sailor Moon so we'd have a full inner senshi group. Also, Jukebox joined us as human!Luna.

Becky and I have long wanted to cosplay Sailor Moon characters together so I jumped at the chance to cosplay Sailor Mars. Also, I'd wanted to cosplay a sailor scout since I was ten!

Ammie made our fukus for us. I take no credit for her amazing work!

I did very few things for this costume. Ammie made me the glove "toppers" but not gloves so I sewed the "toppers" to a pair of gloves Becky bought me. We bought our tiaras online. I bought a pair of red pumps. Ammie made me clip-on earrings but they pinched my ears (clip-on earrings and I historically don't get along) so I made a flat-backed bead to replace the clip-on portion of the earrings. I used spirit gum to attach them to my ears, which worked wonderfully and didn't hurt at all. I bought a long black wig and cut bangs into it. I also made Sailor Mars' ofuda out of some bristle board.

And that's about it. Ammie totally did all the heavy lifting. ;)

Cosplaying from Sailor Moon was like a dream come true. I had so much fun cosplaying Sailor Mars. This is a costume I look forward to wearing again and again for as long as I can. :)

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