Stevie Ford from It Strikes a Cord

Character Name: Stevie Ford
Series: It Strikes a Cord
Specifics: his outfit from the first few chapters
Cost: ~$10
Time: 1 hour
Started: October 2021
Completed: October 2021
Debuted: -



Costume Information

In 2021, I fell in love with springrooove's original web comic, It Strikes A Cord. I was talking to a friend about cosplaying Stevie, and then I saw a tweet springrooove posted where she mentioned how cool it would be to see cosplayers of her own characters one day. That took me from "I'm thinking about doing this" to "I'm 100% going to do this right now".

Here's a side-by-side comparison of my costume and the character.

This was a "closet cosplay", so I made a graphic to quickly explain how I made it.

The hardest parts were the wig and getting it to cooperate with the hat, and making the piercings and sticking them to my face. Given when I put this costume together, I took these photos using a tripod, my phone, and a blank wall.

Anyway, I adore this comic, Stevie, and the way springrooove expresses her character's emotions. I know I'm the first cosplayer from this series, but I hope that that I'm only the first of many. On that note, It Strikes a Cord is going to be (re)released on Webtoons soon. Please check it out!

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