Supergirl Dresses inspired by DC Comics

Character Name: Supergirl, Batgirl, Catwoman
Series: DC Comics
Specifics: dresses inspired by DC comic characters and designed by me
Cost: $60 for all three
Time: one month for all three
Started: February 2010
Completed: March 2010
Debuted: WizardWorld Toronto 2010









Thanks to Ackson, Solartempest and Elemental for the photos!

Costume Information

These costumes are dubbed "Operation Terrible Ideas in Action". It all started when Becky and I were out fabric shopping in the February of 2010. I made some comment about how much I love Superboy. It was then that Becky said, "Wouldn't it be cool if we made dress versions of our favourite superheroes? You know, like the Star Trek dresses you made last year."

"That's a terrible idea," I replied, grabbing a nearby bolt of blue fabric. "This cotton would be perfect for Superboy. I'm going to buy it."

And thus "Operation Terrible Ideas in Action" was born.

Becky wanted a Batman dress, so we got her some black fabric that same day. Sakura joined our operation two weeks later as Catwoman. In the end, my Superboy dress ended up more like a Supergirl dress and Becky's Batman dress ended up being a Batgirl dress. Like the Star Trek dresses, these dresses were my labour of love for myself and two of my closest friends.

The main pattern for these dresses is the same as the pattern I made for the Star Trek dresses I made last year, though these dresses were more detailed than the Star Trek dresses.

I made the Batman logo on Becky's dress and the Superman logo on my dress out of felt, heat-and-bond and yellow twill. Then I hand-sewed the completed logos to the dresses.

I made a cute little cape pattern for our dresses. I made Becky's cape out of the same black fabric I bought for her costume and yellow twill. My red Supergirl cape was made out of some red fabric I had lying around. I made the yellow logo on the back of my cape out of yellow felt, heat-and-bond and yellow twill. The capes snap onto the straps of our dresses, making them easy to take on and off.

Unlike the other two dresses, I installed a silver zipper down front of Sakura's Catwoman dress. I also made her matching armwarmers and cute little ears. I took inspiration from Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman outfit in Batman Returns and added white embroidery stitching all over the dress, armwarmers and ears. Because the stitching was time-consuming, Sakura's dress took the longest to make.

I also made Sakura and Becky masks. After patterning them on paper, I made the masks out of left-over fabric from their respective dresses, heat-and-bond, felt and some elastic.

The only parts about these outfits I didn't make are the boots, tights and wigs. We all ended up with slightly different boots that matched our dresses. We also all wore different coloured wigs and tights. (Because Sakura ended up with a light blond wig, many people thought she was dressed as the Black Cat. Hee!)

I love how these outfits came out! Running around in superhero regalia with two of my closest friends was ridiculously fun! X3

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